Donuts, Robots, and Toys

The art of Erik Joyner–featuring donuts, robots, dinosaurs, cats, and heroes, and Star Trek–has a mantra: “only paint things that I like.” 

As far as mantra's go, it's a pretty darn good one. (In fact, it's the same thinking which explains why we at Glazed Donuts make donuts and not, say, peanut butter sandwiches. Or friendship bracelets. Or Minecraft videos. Or potato chips.*)

Art-wise, we think Eric is like the donut scifi . Mean, SRSLY, check this out:

AWESOME, right?

AWESOME, right?

Click at top (or here) to watch interview with donut-robot painter Eric Joyner.

Want to see more? Check out Eric Joyner's Facebook page,  regularly updated with new donut-and-robot artwork. We love his work and we hope you do too.

* Note: We could be talked into potato chips.