Coffee Shop in Key West, FL

Red Buoy Coffee

What goes better with donuts than fresh roasted coffee?  Exactly.  We couldn't think of anything either.  We've always made everything from scratch at glazed, only fresh roasted coffee made sense to go with our hand rolled donuts.  We started Red Buoy in 2016 and have roasted over 20,000 pounds of coffee since.

The beans used in our organic coffee shop in Key West, FL

Great coffee comes from great beans

We source specialty coffee beans from family-owned farms around the globe.  Red Buoy only purchases 100% arabica, shade grown, high altitude coffee beans.  All of our coffee can be purchased online by visiting 

Classic espresso drinks and coffee

At Glazed we offer a variety of classic and Cuban espresso and coffee beverages to have in or take with you on your Key West adventure.  All syrups and sugars are made in house.

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Find our coffee around town

You can find Red Buoy Coffee at some of Old Town Key West's best restaurants.  From Blue Heaven, to Banana cafe, to Fausto's Grocery Red Buoy Coffee is always near by.